Sweden, Denmark and England and back again

This weeks weather was experienced in three countries as I took a trip to England via Denmark. Friday I went to work as usual and saturday saw me crossing the bridge to Denmark heading for Kastrup Airport in Denmark. From there I took off for Stansted in England and by bus to Newmarket, the little racing town in Eastern England. I arrived just in time to catch the last races for the day on Rowley mile and sunday was open day in Newmarket when the trainers opened their stables for the public. We managed to visit four stables to chat with lovely horses. Of course some of them became rather tired by the invasion of people but quite a lot were interested in the happenings. At the end we also got to see King Charles’ stable where the Time Team dug. The site is going to be renovated and the racing museum is going to move in. Monday and tuesday saw me photographing horses on Warren Hill and on wednesday I was back to work in Malmö. The weather has been mainly good with an occasional rain but mostly changing between overcast and sunny. A little mist is seen in the morning in England. To see the full pictures click on the thumbnails and follow the picturetrail. More skies at Skywatch Friday.


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