December storm

This week started with the same grey weather as in November. On thursday the storm Sven blew in. The storm is named Bodil in Denmark and Xaver in Germany. Luckily no snow yet and I hope it will continue like that. But on friday the water ran very high in the canal and no passage was possible under the bridges. And hails and sleet appeared but luckily melted away immediately. But still very windy on friday afternoon. The storm is expected to die out tomorrow saturday. All pictures from Malmö. Click on the thumbnails to look at the pictures in bigger size. More pictures at Skywatch Friday.


6 thoughts on “December storm

  1. Sweden only recently started to name the storms. Sven is named after the name of the day and was a common name in the 1920s. That would probably mean it will soon be time for a comeback as a name for small children. Sven is an old word for young man or boy and has been used as a name for a thousand years. The danish – english king Sven Forkbeard was born in 940 and died in 1014 in England. The name is spelled “Svend” in Denmark and “Svein” in Norway and means the same as “sven”. Sven Forkbeard was father of Canute the Great (Knut den store) who was king in England, Denmark and Norway. I wish you a great weekend!


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