Unchanging weather


As predicted by the weather gurus the weather reamain rather warm for this time of the year. The weather is still grey with occasional sun and rain. But I like warm winters or at least snowfree winters. In the 1970s there were several winters like this winter and it is a relief that it isn´t snowing. But we will probably experience a few days of snow in february when the snow ususally arrives on winters like this. When my children were at school it always snowed in week 8 of the year (the end of February) when the schools in this region have a winter holiday that last a week. I think it never failed during the time I had children at school. But in later years I have noticed that it is not always so. I think the practice of planning in week numbers is peculiar for the Swedish and nowadays I am always confused when people talk about week numbers when they are going to do something instead of mentioning the date or month.

The pictures this week are from central Malmö with buildings from the beginning of the 20th century. In the early 20th century the blocks were built with houses on the inside of the block to use all available land. The apartments were dark on the inner yards were the poorer people lived. As the roof height was and still is in these houses over 3 metres the apartments on the bottom of the yards were rather dark. In the 1920s one started to build blocks with a big inner yard and buildings along the streets. Roof height declined to a more normal 2,5 metre. In the pictures above one can see these types of houses and also an example of a school built in the 1950s with the yellow brick typical for Malmö in the postwar years in the 1940s and the 1950s. The buildings from 1900 to 1920 are plastered and the buildings from the 1920s are in red brick. This week I was told that there was a meadow where the school is now in the 1950s. The school was originally a trade school for learning to be a cook, a photographer, for the economic programs and so on, and it still is home to the more practical education programs but nowadays all programs give certificates that allows the pupils to go on the university. I went to photographer´s school there but I have never worked as a photographer. My daughter attended the school in the first decade in the 21st century on the racing and trotting programme where the theoretical subjects are read in this building and the practical parts of the education take place at the racing and trotting stables at Jägersro race course.

The big picture is made with a preset in Lightroom.  For bigger size for the smaller pictures click on the thumbnails. More sky pictures on Skywatch.

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