Typical winter weather

Typical winter weather for southern Sweden where I live is snow that soon melts and make the roads and walkways slippery. This week it has snowed three times and the snow has melted two times. As I write this saturday morning the temperature is still below zero which means the snow is still there and it is snowing again and quite windy. It is tolerable here in town but snow storm in the flatlands outside the city. The pictures are taken in Malmö, Sweden.

To see the full picture click on the thumbnails. More sky pictures on Skywatch.


2 thoughts on “Typical winter weather

    1. Thank you! It is usually around the freezing point, which means the snow and ice thaws and then it freezes again which makes the roads and walkways slippery and cause trouble on the roads. Funny that is causes more trouble here in the south than in the north of Sweden but I suppose they are more used to winter weather in the north as they have much more snow and snow for a longer time than us in the south. On the other side of it one could always hope for a short winter. Sometimes it is spring at the end of february but it can also be at the end of april. I wish you a good sunday!


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