A little sun, a little rain

Last weekend was sunny and warm and we made an excursion to the east coast of Scania to buy some plants. We also had a look at the King’s Grave when we were there. The week that followed has been an mixture of sun and rain. But the weather is progressing nicely. Monday the 14th of april, Tiburtius’ day, was traditionally consiedered the first day of summer in Southern Sweden but nowadays we still consider it as spring. Click on the pictures for bigger size. More skies on Skywatch.


4 thoughts on “A little sun, a little rain

    1. Thank you! The countryside is beautiful. It is now around 10 degrees but spring is progressing and the weather services have said it will be up 20 degrees Celsius during easter. In May this part of Sweden gets what is called early summer that can be said to last until midsummer, after that is is late summer until the middle of september. So this part of Sweden is a little ahead of Latvia and most of the rest of Sweden. But I know that it varies quite a lot. We live closest to Denmark in the most Southern part of Sweden. I wish you a happy easter!


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