Between rains

Farmland in Southern Sweden.
Farmland in Southern Sweden.

August is changing into September and the weather is still fine with a little rain and a lot of rain, and the weather is still changable. The pictures below are a little peculiar as there is some kind of tornado-like cloud originating from the ground. When we drove into the cloud it turned out to rain. A very local rain, I must say, The pictures are taken on E65 between Malmö and Ystad in Sweden.

Peculiar clouds ahead.
Peculiar clouds ahead.
The Clouds contain very local rain.
The Clouds contain very local rain.

The pictures below are from a suburb in Malmö and show the old willow trees and the beginning of autumn on friday last week. I didn´t catch the flooded roads on sunday when there was 93 mm of rain, as I wasn´t out and I am grateful it turned out everybody on the motorways got out of their drowned cars and buses all right. More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.



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