End of summer

Hovdala Castle was attacked several times by pro-danish guerilla fighters during the war between Denmark and Sweden in the seventeenth Century.

End of September and it has started to cool down and some trees have started to prepare for winter. The weather is changing and the mornings have started to be misty. It is darker in the morning and it is getting dark earlier. The pictures this week are taken at Hovdala castle. More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

There are bats flying low over the water hunting insects in the water.


12 thoughts on “End of summer

    1. Thank you! It is a medieval castle and there is a rumour in the family that my grandmothers mother was born here to one of the servants of the castle. I wish you a good week!


    1. Thank you! The walls a very massive but I don´t think there are any animals there now. It is owned by the state and you can go and visit it. i Think there are conserts there as well. I wish you a good week!


    1. Me too! It was just after the sun had set and there were a lot of bats catching insects in the water, that is larvae adn such. They didn´t show up in the picture but it was very magic seeing them. And our guide had a bat detector so we could hear them as well. I wish you a good week!


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