Autumn has come

DSC_2254Autumn has come with blowing winds, grey weather and it is cooling down. The trees are still green here in southern Sweden although I have read that northern Sweden has snow. Sweden is like Italy, it stretches in a northern – southern direction and is quite far from north to south and thus the weather is not the same in the south as in the north.

The clime where I live is more like Germany and southern England but spring is a little later and autumn comes a little earlier than in those places. And with the thought of the approaching cold in mind our boiler was tested  and as usual has chosen to break down. Lucky it isn´t cold yet. I remember it breaking down on Christmas Eve once and no one to fix it until well into the new year. A very cold week it was. But our son told me recently he found it was a very cosy Christmas after all with a fire going in the open fireplace during the day. At nights it got cold and we had a lot of blankets.

But for the moment we only have cold water to wash in which puts me in mind of when I lived with my grandparents in the countryside as a small child in a house warmed by a little stove in the room where we slept and a bigger kitchen stove in the kitchen. No bathroom as it was an outdoor one in an outhouse. And water for washing was heated on the stove. But there was indoor cold water so you didn´t have to fetch it outdoors. Well, for the comforts of modern living. Luckily it it some time before it gets really cold.

The picture this week is taken by the Baltic Hall in Malmö. The Baltic Hall is a sports arena and the name commemorates the Baltic Exhibition in 1914 that took place here. The Baltic Exhibition had to close too early when the first world war erupted in july 1914 and some things were forgotten in Malmö when people from the participating countries went home to their countries. The boss of the German tennis team forgot his tennis racket and the Russians left a lot of art that now is housed at the museum.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch.


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