Grey and colorful November

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It is a grey November though I read in the paper it is still meterological summer as it hasn’t been below 10 degrees Celsius for five days in a row. The leaves on the trees are yellow or have fallen off but the temperature is still rather warm for autumn. The first pictures this week are from Gustav Adolfs torg  and from Södra Förstadsgatan in the city centre of  Malmö in Sweden taken last wednesday.  As can be seen a wet and grey morning on the square. The second picture shows a worker hanging Christmas decorations above the streets. It is after all less than a month to the first of December.

Sunset on the flatlands close to Limhamn quarry.

On friday I took a walk in the late afternoon by the flatlands close to Limhamn quarry and caught a glorius sunset that makes November more colourful.

And on sunday it was quite good weather with a weak sun and we made a short trip to Råå valley. A squirrel entertained us with its racing between the treetops on both sides of Råå brook.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch.





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