November by the sea

Falsterbo lighthouse. It looks almost like summer but it is late November.


It is a grey November and we revisited the beach at Falsterbo. A very weak sun shone through the clouds at some time during the day and it looks almost like summer on the picture of Falsterbo lighthouse. But it isn´t. As usual by the sea during late autumn and winter there is a brisk wind blowing and there are white foam on the waves. In Swedish the foam is called “vita gäss” which means “white geese” on the waves. But not the actual bird but the foam. Swedes know perfectly well what this means but I am uncertain if it is used otherwhere on the planet. But there were indeed white birds riding the waves. We saw two swans in the company of a Canada goose close by.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

From Måkläppen in Falsterbo,



Waves on the beach.






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