Colder but no snow

DSC_3863It is colder but the sun has been out every day and lighted the rooms. I have spent much of my time with indoor activities but ventured out to catch photos for this week’s weather. Most years the first snowflakes appear in late November heralding winter but none have been seen so far. It has been summer temperatures for a very long time and only this week it has started to be colder and closer to winter temperatues. Now lets hope snow will not come until the traditional five days in February. I don´t enjoy ice and snow. I know some people find it peculiar that I don´t like snow but it always cause so much bother as it always melt and then freezes again as we are in a part of the country that has a rather mild weather. People to the north in Sweden find it amusing that the problems seems much bigger here than in the north that usually is covered in snow for most of the winter. But I think it is easier when the snow stays put than when it melts and freezes all the time. And it is a coast city which means a constant wind is blowing and makes you feel colder than the actual temperature. It looks like a warm sun even though it is colder but not yet below zero. And yes the grass is very green here just as on the picture. And the roses  are still in flower. And I hope it will stay like that for a long time yet.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.










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