Merry Christmas!

DSC_4044Yesterday was a rainy and grey Christmas Eve in Sweden and Santa did come as he usually does on Christmas Eve in Sweden as we are one day ahead of the rest of the world that celebrates Christmas on Christmas day. But today I awoke to a world dressed in white and took a walk in the park to take a few pictures for this week’s weather. And I came to remember that the children always hurried to the park when it had snowed to use their toboggans on the tiny hillside in the park. It is usually only snow for a few days a year and the children use their toboggans on the melting snow until it has turned to water. Lucky all Christmas dinners were yesterday so the parents have time for going out with the children and the toboggans today. It is promised that it will be cold for a few days now and I find that the snow has timed it perfectly for those that like snow as it will be a long holiday this year to enjoy the snow in.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

Merry Christmas to you all!



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