Gloomy weather


It is still gloomy and rainy. The picture above is taken on Mariedalsvägen in Malmö on thursday last week before the twin storms Dagmar and Egon (named by the danish weather service) swept over Denmark and southern Sweden. In Norway Egon was named Nina. I am happy I didn´t have any need to go out into it.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

8 thoughts on “Gloomy weather

  1. the bus definitely added some colour to the gloom!
    glad you didn’t have to venture out. I’ve been doing the same in our -30C Canadian weather. We’re in a warmer spell now at -18 but it’s to be at +1C tomorrow! I’ll run out to do errands in that temp for sure – HapPy weekending…


    1. The storms are gone and we have a little sun here today. It is above zero. It is as always a little windy here, but that is normal when you live by the sea. I wish you a good weekend with good weather!


    1. Thank you! The days are dark here now and it is said there is a storm on it’s way tomorrow. I hope ro go out Friday to take pictures for my weather post next week! I wish you a good week!


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