Winter returned


The weather in this part of the country is notoriously enreliable and winter returned on Monday and lasted until Friday. It is now snowfree again. Let´s see if we get any more snow this winter. The problem with this kind of weather is the slipperiness of walkways and roads.

The week that passed  was week six in the Swedish way of counting weeks. I understand that internationally one doesn´t use this way of mentioning time and nowadays I find it rather disturbing as you need a calendar to check the dates in the week. Anyhow when my children went to primary school the winter holidays always were in week eight and I think it was always was snow during that week. That means over a period of thirteen years as they are three years apart. Good timing indeed! I think about it every year but the last few years there haven’t been snow every year during week eight. I wonder what week eight this year would bring. For the smaller school children it is fun with winter weather during their winter holiday.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.


 Click on the smaller pictures  to see them in bigger format. 



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