Spring is on its way

DSC_5437Today is the last day in February and it is still grey with occasional sun and rain. The temperature is between zero and ten degrees Celsius and has been so for more than seven days in a row which means that it is spring according to the definition the Swedish weather services use. Even if it will be cold and snow again it will still be spring to them. Maybe I should go back to judge for myself. To me we are in a period between winter and spring. There are a lot of spring flowers on its way and the most hardy flowers have been flowering for a while, among them the yellow aconitum and the helleborus. They have survived a few days with snow covering them and looked as good after the snow as before the snow.

The picture above is taken earlier in the week in Slottstaden in Malmö. Slottstaden is an area with a mixture of residential flats, offices and shops. Thirty years ago it was called “stick town” as there were so many old people living there. But the prices of the flats is probably quite high as it is almost downtown Malmö. More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.


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