Still in between

Grey and rainy by station Triangeln on Monday.
Grey and rainy by station Triangeln on Monday.

March has begun and I saw in the media that it is officially spring in Denmark a few miles away as they evidently count spring according to the calendar and then spring arrives on the first of march. Confusing isn’t it. But we are still in limboland between winter and spring. It has rained, lovely sun and then it rained again. On Wednesday I discovered a patch of snow in the shadow in front of the house and there was frost on the roofs on Thursday as well. But otherwise it has felt like getting warmer and I hung the laundry. Well it got wet before I could take it in and I had to wait until it dried again. The yellow aconitum is soon the to be a memory but snowdrops are in full bloom and I have seen some other springflowers.

The pictures this week are taken by the entrance to Citytunneln in Malmö, Sweden and in my garden.

More pictures on Out World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

Snow on Wednesday morning in the shadow of the house.

8 thoughts on “Still in between

  1. How frustrating it must be to welcome the spring only to say goodbye to it soon! Even in our hot climate we resent this hot and cold game played by the weather. Cheer up the sun will be out soon!


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