Sunny and solar eclipse

Sunny weather on Råbygatan in Limhamn, Malmö on Wednesday.

Third week in March and it has with a few exceptions been a sunny week. The biggest exception was Friday when there was an partial solar eclipse and it was very overcast. So those that had hoped to experience an eclipse was sort of fooled. I had researched a little and found out that I should have grey filter ND 50 on my camera to take pictures for it to be safe but was rather too late on it and they are very expensive too. But will probably get one for the next time I fly because I have wondered if it is good for the eyes to stare that much out through the window when I fly. But I am quite fascinated with the view when I fly, so I think I will get one anyhow even if it will quite some time to next eclipse in this part of the world.

Anyhow I took a walk circa forty minutes before the solar eclipse came to its height. It was noticeably darker, like a dark winter day, with a grey light, but not like it is at night. I then went inside for half an hour. When I came back out I stopped to see if there were any shadows from the trees but as it was overcast the shadows didn´t show. It was still like a dark winter day. But I looked up and saw the sun as a crescent and realised that this was it. Still overcast with clouds in front of the sun. I took the cd I had read that one could use instead for a grey filter and tried it on the camera but it didn’t turn out good so I chanced it as I reckoned the clouds would act as a filter. And they did. So I got pictures of the sun as a crescent. But this is important – don’t do it yourself. I could have been so unlucky that the clouds would have gone away completely and have damaged my eyes. I didn´t expect to get pictures of the sun, I reckoned that other people would do that much better with no risk to their eyes. My thought was to photograph how the light in the park looked during the solar eclipse. And perhaps try the cd trick that I checked out on an ordinary sun earlier in the week.

The solar eclipse is said to have been between 80 – 90 percent depending on where you are in Sweden. It was supposed to be 80 percent where I live. I managed to catch the start of the solar eclipse when the moon covers the sun from the right side and the middle of it when the sun is a lying down crescent. After that the cloud cover was too thick for the sun to shine through.

To experience the solar eclipse click on the gallery below.

The pictures this week are taken on Råbygatan and the solar eclipse is taken in Djupadalsparken in Limhamn in Malmö, Sweden.

More pictures on Skywatch Friday and on Our World Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Sunny and solar eclipse

  1. The sky was just clear enough for you to see the eclipse. Lucky! I’ve seen two total eclipses, one in the US Pacific Northwest and one in Baja California. It’s a moving experience for sure.

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    1. Very lucky as I didn’t have proper glasses or filters for looking at the sun as I was too late researching for it. But the cloud cover was quite heavy and I only saw a bit in the beginning and the middle. Lucky you to have seen tow total eclipses. Happy weekend!


  2. I haven’t seen anything, the sky was covered with clouds. Nobody has. I just noticed that at a moment in the morning the daylight seemed to be darker;


    1. Yes, It was covered with clouds here too but I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the sun through the clouds. I was a bit frightened as they say you can damaged your eyes when looking at it directly. But it wasn´t as strong as it is on an ordinary day. When I realised that I took the pictures anyhow. And yes it got only a little darker like it can be on an ordinary day when it is a lot of clouds. And it is still gray and now they promise snow too which I hope we don´t get. I hope we will only get rain and not snow. I wish you a good weekend!


    1. It was quite sunny all week until today. The pictures at the bottom of the page are taken during the solar eclipse when the light was dimmer. But it is supposed to be worse weather for a while here so I expect it will be gray again. Spring still has a while to go. I wish you a good weekend!


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