Easter week


Easter week began with rain and fierce winds. The street and sky scene this week is taken along Linnégatan where Idrottsgatan crosses the main street. To the left in the picture is a food store and in the middle of the picture is a yellow villa from the beginning of the 1900s called Breidablick. In the 1960s a medical doctor lived in this house and he also  had his practice in the house. If you came to his practice during the morning you always saw the doctor before the day was out. Of course it required you to sit and wait, and wait, and wait, and in those days you were silent in the waiting rooms of doctors. But you got help the same day. He was also the school doctor at the nearby school. In those days the villa was grey or off white as I remember it. Much prettier today I think.

The spring flowers have arrived en masse. On the front of the house I discovered to my joy the tiny cyclamen I bought and planted last year. The liverleaf by the garage peeks through the greenery and the daffodils are either in bud or in full bloom. There are tiny blue violets in the grass. The snowdrops are in full bloom soon to disappear. And a strange fruit has appeared, the easter egg that some house owners have hung on the bushes. On Wednesday I saw the first white anemones in the garden.

The weather cleared on Wednesday with occasional sun mixed with rain and today on Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday the sky is overcast and it is a bit cold. Traditionally small children, almost always girls, go around dressed as “easter witches” and offer candy. In return they get a coin or are offered candy, just as children are on Halloween. But there is no “Trick or treat” threat involved in this tradition.

I have tried to translate the Swedish childrens song about the blue anemones and spring below and inserted two youtube films with singers singing the song. You can choose between Tommy Körberg, a famous Swedish singer and actor, and a female singer. I think the female singer sounds better, probably because this song is often sung by children. You will find the translation and the original texts between the youtube films.

Happy Easter!

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This is my try to translate the song to give you an impression of its content. Swedish text by Anna Maria Roos and music by Alice Tegnér. The original swedish text below the English text. To see and hear the female singer look below the text, to see and hear Tommy Körberg sing the song look above the text.

The blue anemones flower on the slopes,
bow and say that now it is spring
The children pick the small anemones with joy,
Then rush home during shouts and laughter.

"Mother, the spring has come
Now we want to go without socks and shoes.
The blue anemones flower on the slopes,
with no shoes or socks on. "

Mother in the cottage says then:
The blue anemones never get colds.
You have to keep your socks and shoes on for awhile,
It is still winter left.


Swedish text:

Blåsippan ute i backarna står,
 niger och säger att nu är det vår.
 Barnen de plocka små sipporna glatt,
 rusa sen hem under rop och skratt.

»Mor, nu är våren kommen, mor
 Nu får vi gå utan strumpor och skor.
 Blåsippor ute i backarna stå,
 varken skor eller strumpor på.»

Mor i stugan, hon säjer så:
»Blåsippor aldrig snuva få.
 Än få ni gå med strumpor och skor,
 än är det vinter kvar», säjer mor.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and on Skywatch.

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8 thoughts on “Easter week

  1. enjoyed the post, the contrast of rainy street and the fresh spring flowers. here in germany, the forecast was all rainy for easter, but today: surprise! the sun is out. hope that is same for you. have a beautiful sky week~

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