More flowers

DSC_6464The street and sky scene this week is taken early wednesday morning at Värnhemstorget in eastern Malmö. The weather has been a mix of sun, overcast and rain during the last week. It has been a bit windy and then it gets colder.

The spring flowers continues to arrive. The first wood anemones has started to flower in the garden. The willow catkins are not white and soft any more but covered with yellow stamens and I think the sparrows enjoy them. The tulip leaves are waiting for the flowers and the rhubarb leaves have emerged. Anemona blanda flowers in full and scilla and the lesser celandine too.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and on Skywatch. More flower pictures on Today’s Flowers.

To see the full picture in the gallery below click on the pictures!

Our World


21 thoughts on “More flowers

    1. Thank you! It is really spring and colors are coming back! But still chilly because there is a wind blowing that pieces thought the clothes. I wish you a good week!


    1. Thank you! It is still chilly here because it is very windy. The picture is taken circa an hour after dawn on an overcast day so that may affect the tone of light in the picture. I wish you a good week!


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