Changing April weather


DSC_0342 (2)The street and sky scene this week is from Triangeln and Möllevångstorget in Malmö. Above a glorious morning sky above Sankt Johannes church at Triangeln that has changed to pouring rain an hour later at Möllevångstorget a few blocks away in the picture below.

Behind Sankt Johannes church are the glass igloos that admits the travellers to Station Triangeln on the railway Citytunneln below Malmö. If you have been to Malmö travelling from Copenhagen this is the tunnel before Malmö Station.

Möllevångstorget is a central square famous for its food stalls. I think they have been pictured in international TV-programs as a must see in Malmö. There are a lot of restaurants and food stores with international food in the area as well as a hipster population. You can see the tops of the food stalls sticking up as well as a glimpse of the statue “Honor of work” (Arbetets ära). This is the square that the first of may demonstrations are ending at as well and has a close relationship with the emergence of the social democracy in Sweden. In the beginning of the 20th century there were hunger riots on the square. When I lived in the area in the late 1970s and early 1980s there were mainly one room apartments and this was reflected in the voting of the district. People voted red as this was working class district.

The weather was changing during the last week. Sun, rain and a little chilly. The pictures in this post is taken in april the day before Walpurgis night when people that are so inclined go out to look at the lit fires. More about Walpurgis night on the Local. At Lund university the students sing about spring against flowering magnolias but didn´t see it on tv this year. Well it could have been broadcast but I could have missed it. In spite of the chilly and unstable weather Walpurgis night is reported in the media to have been messy.
After that a few days with sun though it has been chilly followed by rain. Spring came early but has been rather chilly and we are still waiting for real warm days.

If you want to listen to the student singers at Lund University singing about spring and youth look below where I inserted a Youtube from 2012.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and on Skywatch.


Our World


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