This week has been filled with rest after our journey to Finland. I only ventured out if I really had to. It has been grey weather but no snow but as usual there is a wind blowing in Malmö. The sun has peeked through now and then. The picture above is taken at the old inlet to the ferry harbour where the ferries for Copenhagen used to be once upon a time before the Öresund bridge was built. The bridge to the Western harbour didn´t exist then as the ferries needed an open inlet to pass into the harbour. But the small lighthouse still stands.

The second picture is taken on New Year´s Day showing a foggy winter´s day in Southern Sweden.

More pictures on Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.


4 thoughts on “Resting

  1. Thanks for visiting my post, as i was reminded of my stay in Lund. At least i am familiar with Malmo, the Oresund bridge to Copenhagen, etc, oh i miss Sweden. And i remember very well the grey skies but beautiful and kind people. I stayed there for a month of training at Svalov, then we also went to Stockholm to Uppsala before we left via Copenhagen. While you are cold, visit my posts and i will keep you warm. Happy New Year.

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