Clear skies

Early morning
Early morning in the suburb.

Clear skies and warmer weather this week. Lots of flower emerging and the weather services are expected to declare summer in my part of Sweden this weekend. So it is soon official, it is summer. Today when I went out to photograph the dandelion I came to think about “Idas Summer song” with text by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren with music by Georg Riedel. When I was a child a Swedish psalm was sung at the end of the school year in June but when my children started school I got to know Idas summer song that is very often sung when school ends in June. I am a bit too old for the tv-series Emil and Ida so I missed out on the song until my children started school. But it is a charming song where the little girl Ida sings about making the meadows green, making the flowers bloom. I have inserted a Youtube-clip below from the original childrens tv-series and another clip where the song is sung at a performance in Gothenburg with the public singing the song with the artist. Swedish text by Astrid Lindgren can be found here.and a translation try made by me below between the Youtube-clips. I hope my translation gives a good impression of the song.

The pictures comes from Malmö in Sweden.

I share this post with Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday and Today´s Flower.

Morning by Malmö Central station.


Our double japanese cherry blossom tree usually blooms late.
Emerging fern.
Emerging fern.
Some tulips are in full bloom while others still are in buds.
Like small suns the dandelions shine.

My try to translate Idas summer song to English.

You should not think it will be summer
  Unless someone speeds the summer up
   and makes it  summery
  Then the flowers will soon come out
  I will make the flowers bloom
  I make all the cow pasture green
  And now  summer has arrived
  For I have just removed the snow

  I make a lot of water in the creek
  So  it jumps and fall
  I fill the sky with many flying swallows   
  And with mosquitoes that the swallows eat
  I make new leaves on the trees
  And small nests here and there
  I make the sky beautiful at night
  For I make it very pink 

  And I make strawberries for the children    
  For I think that they like that
  And other little fun things
  That is fun for small children   
  And I make  fun places
  Where the children can run around
  Then the children will be full of summer
  And the legs will be  full of running

6 thoughts on “Clear skies

  1. Splendid, outstanding photos! Each photo is a treat to see. Thank you very much for sharing with Today’s Flowers Christina, and I wish you a very happy week.


  2. Beautiful macros and there is nothing like the early morning sun. Your post is a great pairing of images with words.


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