With eyes sensitive for green

Lush green grass and bushes along the street.

Summer has arrived and it has been warm and sunny all week. It seems I come to think a lot about songs lately. In the beginning of the week I took the picture of the lush green grass and bushes along a street with old willow trees and  I came to think of a song sang by Swedish singer and songwriter Barbro Hörberg: With Eyes Sensitive for Green. I found a clip on YouTube with Barbro Hörberg singing the song and inserted it below. Barbro Hörberg also wrote songs for the big Swedish singing star Lill-Babs. Swedish text for the song here and my translation below the Youtube-clip.

The pictures comes from Malmö in Sweden. I share this post with Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday and Today´s Flower.

The squat tower of Malmöhus Medieval castle where the fourth Earl of Bothwell, husband to Mary, Queen of Scots, were a prisoner and one of the newest iconic landmarks of Malmö, Turning Torso by Calatrava.

Above the medieval architecture of Malmöhus castle and the cannon tower meets the millennial architecture of Turning Torso in the background. Malmöhus Castle hosted the 4th Earl of Bothwell as a prisoner for five years (1568–1573). He was the husband of Mary, Queen of Scots but I don´t think he was in the dungeon of this squat little tower. He probably lived in one of the apartments in the main building.

Malmö Live, some of our newest sky scraper arrival seems to be seen from several vantage points downtown. One more icon of Malmö besides Turning Torso and the Öresund Bridge?
Malmö is thought of as the city of parks. Here is Pildammsparken that is situated on the spot where the Baltic Exhibition took place in 1914. The Baltic Exhibition had to close down in haste when the first worldwar started.


The horse chestnut flowers with their beautiful candlelike flowers and umbrella-like leaves.
The late flowering double japanese cherry trees is still flowering but have started to drop their petals.
My translation of Ögon känsliga för grön by Barbro Hörberg.

Thinking about the park in spring
  with eyes sensitive to green
  and chestnut leaves like umbrellas
  and our hands sensitive to all that feels good

We folded a dove of paper
  It sailed far with the wind  
  and it landed on a statue
  that got to change all the words in its song

It was raining but the pictures were good
  it was a strange light that day
  We filled our eyes with the light 
  and the thoughts of all the new things we saw

Thinking about the park in spring
  with eyes sensitive to green
  and chestnut leaves as umbrellas
  I loved you then as I do now

22 thoughts on “With eyes sensitive for green

  1. Hello, pretty scenes and skies! The flowers are lovely. It is interesting seeing the old and new buildings together. Great post and photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


  2. Hello Christina, lovely photos, pretty scenes, interesting history and beautiful flowers. Thank you so much for linking to Today’s Flowers and for translating the lovely poem. Happy weekend 🙂


  3. Hi Christina, I’m off to see your other site to look at all your photos. I’m amazed at the diversity of views you show of Malmö. It looks like a fascinating city to visit. Perhaps one day?


    1. Thank you! I like to think I show a show more of Malmö than the well known iconic buildings. You are welcome!From may to the end of September is usually good weather and as it is only ten minutes on the bridge between Sweden and Denmark one can visit both Copenhagen and Malmö in the same trip. I wish you a wonderful weekend!


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