Stonehenge was packed with people on Easter. I recommend to prebook a timeslot as there were a lot of people in front of the unbooked stall.

Many thanks to my son that is helping me realize a dream by driving through England. Many thanks to my daughter for company, guidance and help through southern England. The weather varies, with sun, rain and wind on our journey from southern England to northern England. Our journey of course started in Malmö in Sweden leaving for England from Kastrup in Denmark. From Wiltshire and Southern England we have travelled to Northumberland to the centre of Britain in Haltwhistle.

The spring is further along than in southern Sweden but the mornings are cold but it warms up a little during the day.  The pictures are from Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Salisbury, Portchester, New Forest, Silchester, the Peak District and Haltwhistle and Poltress Burn Mile Castle no. 48 on Hadrian´s wall.

I share this post with Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

Old Sarum was built on Roman remains overlooking the original Salisbury cathedral.
Looking out over the water outside the old Roman sea fort at Portchester.
Driving through New Forest on our way back to our cottage we saw several species of deer, wild ponies, cattle and donkeys.
The cathedral by Old Sarum was moved into Salisbury where it still stands.
The roman amphitheatre at Silchester could probably seat 3400 people.
On a beautiful and warm spring day we walked on the wall lane along the old roman wall circling Silchester.
The Tideswell cathedral in the Peak District
Driving through the narrow road at Winnat´s Pass in the Peak District with bikers, sheep and people. Many thanks to my son!
A horse carriage through Haltwhistle on sunday afternoon.
Poltress Roman Milecastle no. 48 on Hadrian´s wall. I am standing with my back to the wall looking out on the old building remains. A street with gates at each end in the middle.

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