A cold spring

One of the gates to Birdoswald roman fort.

We are visiting Hadrian´s wall in Northumberland and Cumbria. The weather is quite cold though it is spring here, The trees are green and flowers and there are a lot of spring flowers everywhere. But we have seen both snowflakes and experienced hail since we came to northern England. It is sometimes sunny and cold as well as dark and threathening clouds and rain. The winds are icy and cold and the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius.

The pictures are from Birdoswald, Walltown Crags, Vindolanda, Haltwhistle, Maryport.

I share this post with Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday. As the grass is always green in England I share this post with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge It IS Easy Being Green!

Hadrian´s Wall at Walltown Crags.


Carlisle castle
The centre of Britain – Haltwhistle in Northumbria.
Placque at the centre of Britain, Haltwhistle.
There is a secret hidden under the green grass where the sheep graze by the Senhouse museum in Maryport. The remnants of a roman fort along the Solway coast. Look at the bumps in the grass where the walls once stood.
A view from the Senhouse Museum at Maryport on the Cumbrian Coast.
Signpost showing the distance to Rome, Ravenglass and Solway-on-Firth.
Threathening rain clouds on the road between Carlisle and Haltwhistle.




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