Back to Malmö – still a cold spring

Driving from Haltwhistle in England to Edinburg on friday morning. On this picture we are somewhere close to Birdoswald.

2017-o5-13 Last friday our three week stay in England came to an end. We had visited southern England for one week seeing our daughter who lives and works there. We had a cottage in Urchfont in Wiltshire and made a few daytrips to Portchester, Silchester, Salisbury, Stonehenge and Old Sarum amongst other things. We also visited the hawk conservance trust center close to Andover. Urchfont was a typical southern England village with a duckpond in it´s middle. Over all there was quite a lot of animals on the narrow roads of southern England. Lots of pheasant trying to kill themselves (typically stupid birds I have always found them to be), some rabbits, and the geese on the river Avon at the bend on the road at Upavon. These geese slept on the road or stood still in the middle of the road hissing at the cars. Lucky for them there is a bend in the road otherwise they wouldn´t have lasted long. I wish I could have taken pictures of the geese but it is not a good thing to do in the middle of traffic. My posting on the first week is here.

We drove north with a short overnight stay in the Peak District to our second home away from home, a cottage originally built as a stable in the 1700s, in Haltwhistle from where we made our trips to Hadrian´s wall in Northumberland and Cumbria. We went east as far as Wall´s End in Newcastle and west to Maryport on the western coast. The weather was quite cold and windy though it was spring with green trees and flowers and there were a lot of spring flowers everywhere. The two post I made from these two weeks are here and here.

So on Friday we drove the trusty little Cooper Mini from Haltwhistle to Edinburgh where we embarked on a plane for Kastrup in Denmark. Our son stayed the night in Edinburgh and flew home to Finland on saturday. The car had by then travelled 1000 miles that is 1 609 kilometers or 160 metric miles. In Denmark we as usual took the train over the bridge to Hyllie station in Sweden and by then we were so tired we took a cab home and were met by our pink japanese cherry tree that looks gorgeous this year. Our part of Sweden has become green while we were away.

Monday back to work as usual. Light comes early and the days are long. We are moving towards summer equinox that is at the end of June.

But it is still cold although this week has shown both sun and rain. Though with a strong wind. I heard from the people I work with that has been more windy than usual in Malmö as well.

I share this post with Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

On the road to Glasgow and then on to Edinburgh.
Our Japanese cherry tree flowered when we came home.
The street has turned green in suburban Malmö.


Sun on the afternoon in old own Malmö-
A grey afternoon on Gustav Adolf´s square.
Tulips in Slottsträdgården – the castle garden is an outdoor café. People are taken selfies and pictures of each other and of the tulips.

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