Rainy and windy

The first weekend with summer temperatures in Limhamn on saturday.

The weekend came with summer temperatures. Monday came with much needed rain and the week continued like that. On Wednesday I was in Landskrona with my work on a very windy day and on Friday I went to Malmö Garden show in Slottsträdgården on my lunch hour. Today as I am writing this it is sun.  The pictures are from Malmö and Landskrona in Sweden.

I share this post with Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.

Still a dark sky on Tuesday.
A very windy and cold Wednesday at the Citadell in Landskrona. The fortifikations are from the 1600th century and was used as a prison until the early 20th century.
I went to Malmö Garden Show on my lunch on friday. I bought an insect hotel, an astilbe to plant in my garden and two new Hoya cuts with yellow flowers.
The Garden Show was at Slottsmöllan. Once upon a time there were lots of wind mills in Scania where people went to get there wheat, rye and barley turned into meal.

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